Ukiyo-e AR

Art dialogue across time in Augmented Reality

Group work | CS50 Final Project Teammate: Huopu Zhang(iOS developer) Duration: 2 weeks


Ukiyo-e AR is an iOS app for interactive art display in augmented reality that allows you to scan and access a collection of Ukiyo-e re-creations by contemporary artists. The displayed information is a collection of Unity game objects projected on Vuforia image targets. This application was developed by Minzi Long, collaboration with Huopu Zhang, using Unity 2018.2, Vuforia, Objective-C and Swift. The artistic works are credited to Japanese artist Segawa thirty-seven, Singapore illustrator Sokkuan Tye and 3D scenario by Minzi Long.

Tools :

  • Vuforia/ Unity (C#)

  • Xcode (Objective-C/ Swift)

  • Blender

  • Sketch/ Zeplin

My role :

  • AR Prototyping

  • Unity and Xcode integration

  • Asset Creation

  • UI/UX


Design Process


We decided to use Vuforia as the image recognition SDK because it is a free and convenient web-portal to upload pictures and a default plugin in latest Unity. In Unity, we are able to combine different formats of media and use C# to control the event and interaction. 

We envision the usage scenario of this product will be in museums so building it as a mobile app is reasonable. We decided to develop in iOS without hesitation because we both use iPhones and we thought in the beginning that embedding a Unity component into an app developed in Xcode should not be a big problem. This led to us working side by side in Unity and Xcode for the AR component and the iOS app framework respectively.



As the final project of CS50, Ukiyo-e AR received great attention in CS50 Fair 2018, below is a clip of our interview.